Cataclysm 0.8 "Romero" Released!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-09-16 22:41:56 UTC

The newest stable version has been released!

It includes a variety of new features, such as the Kickstarter-earned tileset support, lots of options like city size and spawn amounts, and thus the ability to turn those worlds into super-cities with undead pouring out of every orifice, and the long awaited addition of pushable shopping carts! As always, there's always a good amount of new content to discover as well.

As usual, you can discuss it in the announcement thread for the new release, which also includes a copy of this version's changelog.

But for, let me just touch on the things you should know for the new version:


It ships with two major tilesets - Deon's tileset is larger and more detailed, while SirHoden's uses smaller tiles and is more dense. Both look really good and have their own styles, and while both probably have a bit more work to be 100% complete I think they look pretty good! What might not be obvious is how to switch between them.

To change the tileset open up the text file data/gfx.txt. You'll see a section for Deon's tileset (the default) and SirHoder's tileset below it. To switch, add a leading '#' to the JSON and TILESET lines under Deon's section, and remove the leading '#' symbol from the same lines in SirHoder's section.

Worldgen Options

I'll trust you guys to figure most of these out yourselves - they are pretty self explanatory. Check the options menu!

Shopping Carts

You can now push shopping carts (and vehicles in general) with shift-'g'.

(For Chinese and Russian translators, when translating this post feel free to put the new Russian and Chinese language options front and center and describe how to use them)