The Wiki needs your help!

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-12-01 06:15:06 UTC

The Cataclysm Wiki is a great tool, but keeping it up to date is a full time job! If you've got your time, please help out by stopping by, helping keep things up to date, and adding valuable contributions. Just like the game itself, the wiki is a collaborative project whose survival depends on the contributions of people like you.

We've also got a new Cataclysm Wiki Discussion Board in the forums, so feel free to stop by and introduce yourself if you want to help out, especially if you could use a little assistance getting started!

Thanks again to kenoxite, who has poured his heart and soul into making the wiki as good as possible. He's been it's primary maintainer for too long, and could really do with break from a rather demanding and thankless job, so let him know you appreciate him by stepping up and helping us make it the best resource it can be.